This website is about helping you to get informed about the breed and if it is the right dog for you. Also, we want to encourage you to consider adopting a dog.
Rhodesian Ridgebacks are friendly, loyal, strong-minded, and intelligent dogs. Although their appearance can be impressive they naturally avoid trouble of any kind and make excellent family dogs. They are athletes and can be very energetic, however, they do it only on their own conditions and if there is a chance for them to be just lazy, then they will be lazy and not move more an inch.
It's a breed that brings lots of joy and fun to your life but requires much knowledge about the breed as well. Read on the following page the 'full' introduction about what to expect. And about BANTUU...

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Consider A Rescue!

Consider adopting a dog. Although mostly not in their puppy age,... adopted adult dogs bring the same fun to the table.

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